Pequannock Lacrosse Club, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is devoted to introducing and teaching lacrosse to all children with an emphasis on fun. The club is completely supported by membership registration fees, fund-raising activities, and the generous contributi
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Spring Season - Announcement
May 6, 2020   Dear Members,   Following this...
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OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Pequannock Junior Lacrosse Club is committed...
Spring Season - Announcement

May 6, 2020


Dear Members,


Following this week's announcement by Governor Murphy regarding the remainder of the school year, plus the NJSIAA’s cancellation of New Jersey’s 2020 spring scholastic sports season, the Pequannock Lacrosse Club has determined that a spring youth lacrosse season simply is not feasible. We anticipate our boys and girls youth leagues will make formal announcements soon. Needless to say, the last few weeks have been heartbreaking on many levels. It’s been a challenging time for everyone, and we know our kids will be extremely disappointed.  It's beyond upsetting that they won’t be hearing those six words that we so badly want to say – “I love to watch you play.”

Moving forward, we’re offering members two options:

(1) apply your current balance to next spring and lock in at this year’s rates. Rolling over your balance will make you paid in full for the 2021 season. (Note: travel programs only, clinic funds can be applied to future programs. Rollover of clinic funds will ensure 2020 rates.)

(2) receive a 90 percent refund check for the Pequannock Lacrosse portion of your registration.

We’re unable to provide refunds for the US Lacrosse payment and the non-refunded portion will cover various fees and expenses associated with your transactions and help offset the cost of field equipment purchased in advance of the spring season.  For those who want a refund, we certainly understand the current financial environment. But, please understand, given our resources and volunteer staffing, refunds may take us time to process.  Please click here to let us know which option you wish to select

If there are opportunities to gather and play prior to our winter clinics, we’ll certainly notify you.

I’m confident all our kids will have years of play ahead of them, and I trust that after this experience they’ll cherish every moment even more. There are numerous life lessons to be learned from these difficult times, the chief among them being that while life’s twists may knock us down, the most importantly thing is that we gather ourselves and rise again. Looking ahead, I’m confident our kids will enjoy an enhanced sense of gratitude for time spent on the playing field.

Please keep safe, and let’s look forward to meeting on the field very soon.


~ Michael Cherenson

President Pequannock Lacrosse Club

by posted 05/06/2020
About Us.
Pequannock Junior Lacrosse Club is committed to promoting and developing the sport of lacrosse and encouraging youth athletes in Pequannock with an emphasis on teaching, sportsmanship, and fun.
  • Every player will enjoy the sport at least as much at the end of the season as at the beginning
  • Every player’s skill and tactical knowledge of the sport will improve
  • Every players will get chances to test themselves in game situations
  • Every players will want to play the sport next year
  • The parents will enjoy the season as much as the athletes
The Pequannock Lacrosse Club, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation founded in 2003, is focused on developing lacrosse programs for boys and girls in Pequannock Township.  The programs are affiliated with U.S. Lacrosse, Inc. – the official governing body of lacrosse – and the New Jersey Junior Lacrosse League and are recognized by the Pequannock Dept. of Parks and Recreation and the Pequannock Board of Education.

by posted 04/02/2013
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